Monday, January 18, 2010

Raw - Vegan
Ginger Root and Turmeric Tea

This is a really great tasting tea, great for any digestive problems, and it also has many anti-inflamitory properties. I made it for my boyfriend, whos arm seems to be bothering him, hoping that it will fix the problems :) After researching, I found that both ginger root and turmeric have amazing health benefits....

Turmeric is a great antioxidant, which protects the liver, and the digestive track. Studies have indicated that it protects against breast, prostate, and colon cancers. It may also prevent the oxidation of cholestrol in your body (It is oxidized cholesterol that damages blood vessels and builds up in the plaque that can lead to heart attack or stroke) And furthermore, it helps with those who have any lung disorders, as it helps to protect against lung diseases.

Ginger root is great for digestive problems as well as diarrhea. It has anti-cancer properties, and studies have shown that it can get rid of ovarian cancerous cells through apoptosis (pretty much cell suicide) And, finally, the reason why I chose to use ginger, is that is has amazing anti-inflamitory properties :)

2 cups water
1/2 tablespoon turmeric
an inch or so of ginger root chopped up finely

Boil water, and poor over turmeric and ginger root. (use a ball if you have one to put the ingredients into, to steep it)

Drink up!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

While on the topic of detoxing, I recently went to my naturopath for some advice of coming off the birth control pill. I have been on the pill for 5 years, and after much research I have found that while being on the pill, the body absorbs a lot less nutrients. So, I figured it was time to come off, and to regulate my system in a more natural way....BUT, I've had so many problems, my hormones are literally all over the board...and there is no regulation at all.

SO! First, he said...DETOX THE LIVER, because that is where the body breaks down our medications, and it also stores all of the chemicals from my birth control pills, plus it is a good idea if you just want to get rid of any toxins (if you have liver disease this is not a treatment, it is recommended that you seek professional help). He suggested I use 25 drops of milkthistle 3 times a day mixed in with water, he suggested I use the brand TotaVita. This milkthistle will use its antioxidant properties to protect our liver from all toxins, and furthermore to regenerate itself and to help get rid of the damaged cells.

I think its worth a try :)

Furthermore, if you are coming off the birth control pill, he suggested to use a hormone regulator...For me he suggested I use FEM-Matrix by Cyto-Matrix, its full of different helps that help to regulate our female hormones naturally...its made up of:

Dong Quai Extract
Black Cohosh Root and Rhizome Extract
Chasteberry Fruit
Wild yam
St. Johns Wort extract
and Red Clover

So far I am taking 2 twice a day...and hopefully I will start to see some great changes soon :) yahoo!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Its been a long time since my last post!

Since my last post, there was a crazy christmas season, and on top of that I was in cuba for the new year! :) I had an amazing time there, but there was a definite lack of food..soo now I am on a detox.
There is a mixture of things that I am doing right now, which I think are working very well. The first thing is a minor digestive cleanse...its not something too heavy to do to your body, its very light.
Do this detox for 7 days, only take the pills once a day, but make sure it is at night time before bed, as valerian root helps you sleep as well :) It is also suggested that diabetics do not do this detox.
Detox ingredients:
2 capsules of cayenne pepper,
2 capsules of cascara,
2 capsules of valerian root
The cayenne pepper acts as a stimulant in your intestines, causing your intestinal muscles to start moving, which in time has its benefits because you will notice increased absorbtion! Cascara promotes perstalisis as well, like cayenne, it gets the intestinal muscles moving and contracting...this herbal capsule acts as the laxitive...6 to 10 hours after you will be having proper bowel movements. And finally there is Valerian root...this is used to calm the stomach down.
It is suggested to use all three at the same time, so that there is an even effect, instead of just a laxative effect.

Good Luck :)