Monday, January 11, 2010

Its been a long time since my last post!

Since my last post, there was a crazy christmas season, and on top of that I was in cuba for the new year! :) I had an amazing time there, but there was a definite lack of food..soo now I am on a detox.
There is a mixture of things that I am doing right now, which I think are working very well. The first thing is a minor digestive cleanse...its not something too heavy to do to your body, its very light.
Do this detox for 7 days, only take the pills once a day, but make sure it is at night time before bed, as valerian root helps you sleep as well :) It is also suggested that diabetics do not do this detox.
Detox ingredients:
2 capsules of cayenne pepper,
2 capsules of cascara,
2 capsules of valerian root
The cayenne pepper acts as a stimulant in your intestines, causing your intestinal muscles to start moving, which in time has its benefits because you will notice increased absorbtion! Cascara promotes perstalisis as well, like cayenne, it gets the intestinal muscles moving and contracting...this herbal capsule acts as the laxitive...6 to 10 hours after you will be having proper bowel movements. And finally there is Valerian root...this is used to calm the stomach down.
It is suggested to use all three at the same time, so that there is an even effect, instead of just a laxative effect.

Good Luck :)

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